English speaking Montessori Assistant (native level speaker required)


Job Title: English-speaking Montessori Assistant


Hours : 8.20am - 5.45pm (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)


Reporting to: Head of school




-       Support and implement the Montessori philosophy and method from an assistant’s perspective within the classroom


-       Assist the French and English teachers in the 3/6 class by redirecting children towards their work activities and aiding children who need help


-       Assist teachers in the 6/12 class when necessary


-       Act as an English learning support for all children


-       Assist in providing an organised and beautifully prepared learning environment


-       Help in the preparation of learning materials and assist director with light administrative duties


-       Supervise children in the playground or at lunchtime when needed


-       Help provide a stimulating, respectful, non-competitive atmosphere and model behaviour expected within a Montessori classroom


-       Help guide pupils through self-directed activities, allowing each child to develop at their own pace


-       Assist teachers and parents in their fundraising activities, school outings and event preparation including end of year school shows.


-       Work with teachers to further learning about Montessori philosophy


-       Attend open houses and school events


-       Report accidents and/or safety concerns immediately to teachers


-       Attend teacher and parent meetings when required


You will demonstrate a good general understanding of the Montessori philosophy and be willing to complete any necessary training courses required for the carrying out of your role.



Qualifications & Experience


BA Hons or BSc


You love working with children and have already had some experience working with them.


You are responsible, reliable and diligent and you really enjoy being organised.


You are interested in alternative education and the Montessori philosophy and are willing to train to deepen your learning


You have a B2 level in French (minimum) and are keen to improve your French further


If you are interested in applying for this role, please send an email with your CV to:  recrutement[ at ]


Montessori Training Centres in France

Interested in training to become a 6-12 Montessori teacher?


Formation Montessori AMI 6-12 ans en français, modulaire sur 2 ans, Archamps Technopole 74166 St-Julien-en-Genevois. 

School is located in les Yvelines - 78  - West of Paris, France

ISMM Montpellier


29, avenue de Lodève

34070 Montpellier

04 67 66 13 78

Rentrée 2024

Pour la rentrée 2024, les inscriptions se déroulent à partir du 15 janvier 2024. Nous vous invitons à organiser une "visioconférence" ou une visite avec notre directrice.


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Inscriptions possibles toute l'année.


Enrolment may occur during the school year subject to places being available.

2024 / 2025 Registrations

New pupil enrolment will be taking place from January 15th 2024 and throughout the school year subject to place availability.  Please arrange a video conference call or visit with our school director today to find out more.


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"N'élevons pas nos enfants pour le monde d'aujourd'hui, ce monde n'existera plus lorsqu'ils seront grands; préparons-les à celui de demain".

- Maria Montessori