Notre école / Our school

Our school welcomes children of all nationalities and origins in an exquisite countryside-based environment while offering a high quality bilingual Montessori education.


We believe that the actions and decisions we take today impact our planet tomorrow. Our school, therefore, also focuses on taking actions which will help to preserve our environment for future generations. As a result, our school has been awarded the Eco-Ecole label in France.

Nos ambiances - Our classes


Les locaux se situent à Saint Nom la Bretèche (78860) dans les Yvelines (78).


L'école est organisée en 3 ambiances :

Ces ambiances sont animées par une équipe pédagogique expérimentée. 


L'école dispose d'une cantine 100% bio toutefois les enfants peuvent amener leur repas dans un thermos s'ils préfèrent.

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The school is located in Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche (78860) in les Yvelines just West of Paris in two beautiful buildings located on the private grounds of the chateau of the village.


The school is organised in three separate age groups :

These classes are facilitated by an experienced and qualified teaching team.


The school organises 100% organic 3 course lunches to be delivered by our organic caterer for families that prefer this option. As an alternative, children may bring their own lunchbox or a pre-heated lunch in a thermos.

Photo: Back of "The Cottage" school building with our beautiful children's garden and playground area.

School is located in les Yvelines - 78  - West of Paris, France

Rentrée 2021

Pour la rentrée 2021, les inscriptions se déroulent à partir du 15 janvier 2020. Nous vous invitons à organiser une "vidéo-conférence" avec notre directrice.


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Inscriptions possibles toute l'année.

2021 Registrations

New pupil enrolment will be taking place from January 15th 2021 and throughout the school year.  Please arrange a video conference call with our school director today to find out more as places are limited.


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"N'élevons pas nos enfants pour le monde d'aujourd'hui, ce monde n'existera plus lorsqu'ils seront grands; préparons-les à celui de demain".

- Maria Montessori