Eco-Ecole - Our actions

 Nelsen Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"


We have listed below some of our actions related to food, waste, health, biodiversity, water, solidarity, climate and energy that we have undertaken or are undertaking as a school to ensure we are taking steps for preserving people and planet for future generations:


Limiting food waste and local family catering with 100% organic food


>> we use a local family catering business called O'Delices. Their chef, Myriam, only purchases and cooks food that is 100% organic and who ensures that the food she cooks is delivered fresh on the day she makes it.   


>> we limit food waste in our school canteen. 


>> we limit the consumption of all meat products by ensuring that our school menu also includes vegetarian options at least twice a week.


Recycling and reuse


>> we recycle and reuse as many materials as we can in the school. Natural, wooden, glass or ceramic materials are used in the classroom as much as possible. For example, we use Nienhaus (AMI approved) materials in our classrooms.


>> we do not use single-use plastic in our school. 


>> parents and staff help us to make school materials using natural raw materials as much as possible.  For example, school benches are made out of recycled materials for example and our 3/6 lunch room tables are hand-made by parents.


>> we try to limit the wastage of water in the classroom.

Non-toxic cleaning products


 >> we only use non-toxic cleaning products that do not damage the environment or put children's long-term health at risk. 

Supporting those less fortunate


>> each year children in our 6/11 class support a charity of their choosing and/or help a not for profit organisation. 


Last year our school raised funds to buy blankets for orphaned school children in Nepal through Nepal Sentiers. (below: Yvie's charity program and photos of the orphanage school in Katmandou supported by our school).

Children's pedagogical garden, access to green spaces and free play


>> Our pupils have access to an outdoor children's garden which includes a herb garden. We have apple trees, cherry trees, plum trees amongst other plants that enable us to study tree life cycles. Pupils are taught where vegetables and fruit come from and learn how to plant them.


>> We believe in the power of free play. Children are free to play in an unstructured way on a daily basis. Access to the beautiful natural environment around which the school is based allows each pupil to create a link with nature and forms part of each pupil's learning.

Community action and improvement of our school through collaboration 


>> we are an active not-for-profit association. This means that our member families join a collaborative body which listens and votes on decisions together as a community. 


>> our association promotes transparency among both our employees and parents who are part of all important decisions. Employees are invited to regular meetings with our governors and parents are invited to join in Board of Governor meetings.


>> parents help as volunteers with the school project as gardeners, musicians, film-makers, costume-makers... and much more!

Car sharing and biking to work


>> we encourage families and staff to use clean energy options including walking, cycling to school and carsharing whenever possible to get to school. For school outings, the use of our feet (!), public transport when possible or carsharing are our preferred options.

Cecilia on her bike (she rides several km in morning to get to school!)

Our pupils on mardi gras day which include a walk around our village.

Moving to 100% renewable energy - Project for 2020


Our school is currently moving to a new electricity supplier who will only supply the school with 100% renewable energy. 

Building a new vegetable garden - Project for 2020


We have located a plot of land which will enable us to create a new vegetable garden for the school. We look forward to working on this project in 2020/2021 with our pupils and families.

Rentrée 2021

Pour la rentrée 2021, les inscriptions se déroulent à partir du 15 janvier 2020. Nous vous invitons à organiser une "vidéo-conférence" avec notre directrice.


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2021 Registrations

New pupil enrolment will be taking place from January 15th 2021 and throughout the school year.  Please arrange a video conference call with our school director today to find out more as places are limited.


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"N'élevons pas nos enfants pour le monde d'aujourd'hui, ce monde n'existera plus lorsqu'ils seront grands; préparons-les à celui de demain".

- Maria Montessori