Notre école élémentaire bilingue // Our bilingual elementary school (6-12)

It is at the elementary level that children start to become fascinated with the "how" and "why" of everything. Using the skills acquired in the early years, the elementary student becomes an explorer of the universe in a more profound way gradually moving from a concrete to abstract understanding of the world.


Our aim is to create the groundwork for each of our elementary pupils to:

- feel inspired and create a lifelong love of learning 

- grow in self-confidence and autonomy

- acquire core fundamental skills such as problem solving and thinking skills that will be used throughout their lives

- to work towards achieving their full potential

Photos: End of year Christmas play / forest school trip / Research project presentation time / sports class warm-up

Children from 6 years old and over are entering a period of imagination, reason, socialisation and moral justice. While we are using this learning period to encourage our pupils to explore and develop their academic skills, we are also encouraging them to think for themselves, problem solve and understand the role they play as responsible, reflective and resilient citizens of the world.

Une salle de classe

Les élèves dans notre école élémentaire continuent à développer leur goût d’apprendre dans un environnement montessorien bilingue français-anglais tout en se préparant petit à petit à l’entrée au collège, ou dans une école secondaire internationale ou bilingue.


Nos élèves qui ont fréquenté notre école partent aux collèges divers et variés (et souvent dans des sections bilingues) après leur scolarité avec nous...Le Lycée International (Fourqueux), Institut Notre Dame, Ecole Blanche de Castille (Versailles), Collège J.B. de la Quintinye (Noisy le Roi), L'Ermitage (Maisons-Laffitte), Collège de Feucherolles.

Photo: mathematics materials in the 6-12 class including the bead chain material cabinet used for learning the squares and cubes of numbers as well as skip counting and multiplication.

Some of the elementary school classroom

Pupils continue to develop their love of learning in a Montessori-inspired environment while being prepared for entry into a regular French secondary school system, bilingual sections or international schools.

Photo: French language materials including the French grammar boxes which are used for understanding the structure of the French language, sentence construction and for classification of parts of a sentence.


La journée type dans notre école élémentaire 



Accueil des enfants dans la classe.

8h40 – 11h30

Cours/activités de français, de mathématiques ou d'histoire OU de l'anglais, de géographie, de l'art ou de sciences selon la journée

11h30 – 12h30




13h15 – 13h30

Temps de regroupement 

13h30 – 15h45

Cours/activités de français, de mathématiques ou d'histoire OU de l'anglais, de géographie, de l'art, de la musique ou de sciences

15h45 – 16h

Les enfants se préparent et se regroupent.


Les enfants quittent l’école.*


*L'école propose aussi un service d'accueil du soir en anglais (after-school English club) jusqu'à 17h ou 17h40.


*Des cours de violon ou de piano sont disponibles pendant les heures d'After-school.

A typical day in our elementary school 


8:30 - 8:40

Children are welcomed as they arrive at school.

8:40 – 11:30

In the morning, trained 6-12 Montessori teachers present the lessons, materials or the theme that each pupil or small pupil group will be working on. Pupils will either focus on mathematics, numeracy, language (French or English) or history in the morning which are taught in French OR in English. Alternatively, pupils may be focusing on geography, science projects. They may also be working on class presentations related to their research subjects they are exploring. Art and music is also covered in the curriculum.

11:30 – 12:30




13:15 – 13:30

Children come together for circle time to focus on a specific theme or discussion

13:30 – 15:45

Depending on the subjects studied and presented in the morning, pupils will continue to learn across the broad Montessori curriculum which includes language and literacy (in French and English), mathematics and numeracy, geometry, science (including life sciences,, physical sciences, Earth and space sciences including botany and zoology), geography and history.

15:45 – 16.00

After a short closing circle, children prepare for home time.


Children leave school.*


*We also offer an after-school club in English which takes place until 5pm or 5.40pm


*After-school violin and/or piano lessons with trained music teachers are also available during the school term.

Photo : Elementary class children reading next to our frog pond

School is located in les Yvelines - 78  - West of Paris, France

Rentrée 2023

Pour la rentrée 2023, les inscriptions se déroulent à partir du 15 janvier 2023. Nous vous invitons à organiser une "visioconférence" ou une visite avec notre directrice.


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Inscriptions possibles toute l'année.


Enrolment may occur during the school year subject to places being available.

2023 / 2024 Registrations

New pupil enrolment will be taking place from January 15th 2023 and throughout the school year subject to place availability.  Please arrange a video conference call or visit with our school director today to find out more.


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"N'élevons pas nos enfants pour le monde d'aujourd'hui, ce monde n'existera plus lorsqu'ils seront grands; préparons-les à celui de demain".

- Maria Montessori