Les Locaux / Our classrooms & gardens

Our children's garden overlooks a beautiful chateau. The chateau was originally part of the King Louis XIV domaine in 1700. It has recently been classified as a 'monument historique'

La maison des enfants // The children's house

Nos deux classes accueillent des enfants de 3 a 6 ans - "Cottage Children's House" et "Orangerie Children's House". Ces classes comportent:

  • un coin lecture,
  • le matériel pour les mathématiques,
  • le matériel de la vie pratique,
  • le matériel de géographie et de la culture,
  • le matériel sensoriel
  • le matériel pour le développement du langage
  • un coin musique
  • un coin art
  • un grand jardin pédagogique avec des arbres fruitiers  
  • un cours de récréation avec un jardin aromatique

There are two Children's House classes (3-6 settings). One class is located at the cottage and the other in Orangerie. Both are located on the ground floor and include several work areas among which include :

  • a reading corner,
  • an area with all of the practical life materials
  • materials for mathematics,
  • materials for geography and knowledge about the world,
  • sensorial materials
  • language materials (in English and in French)
  • a music area
  • an art corner
  • outdoor pedagogical gardens with fruit trees (apples/plums/cherries)
  • outdoor playground area with a herb garden

L'école élémentaire / Elementary school classrooms

Les classes 6/9 et 9-12 ans ans sont situées dans l'Orangerie et au premier étage du Cottage. 


The 6 to 9 and 9-12 elementary years old classrooms are located on the first floor of the Orangerie and the Cottage.  


The elementary school includes :

  • French/maths/history classroom
  • English/science/geography/arts classroom
  • Art room
  • Music room (private piano lessons are available)
  • Outdoor pedagogical gardens including fruit trees (apple, cherry, plum)
  • Playground area including herb garden

La classe d'anglais / The English classroom

La diversification se fait progressivement avec l'apprentissage de l'anglais. Au début, les enfants qui commencent leurs apprentissages en anglais se focalisent sur des thèmes plus simples. Les enfants plus aguerris en anglais à leur entrée dans l'école débutent directement avec des matières d'anglais, science et la géographie en anglais.


Children with a more basic level in the English language focus on developing their rudimentary language skills while also learning about science and geography. As each non-bilingual child's English skills develops, they will take on ever more challenging work.


Children who are fluent or bilingual in English deepen their knowledge and understanding of geography and science. They will further their creative writing abilities as well as oral and written comprehension.


Our English teacher will talk to each parent about whether your child is ready to take the English Cambridge exams and parents decide whether they wish to have an end of year assessment of their child's English abilities or not.

La cours de récréation / The children's garden

La cours de récréation est recouverte d'un revêtement drainant empêchant les enfants de se faire mal en tombant et de rentrer couvert de boue.


The children's garden has been entirely renovated with a synthetic surface. This has helped ensure the safety of the children and has been particularly effective at preventing the surface from getting muddy during the Winter months.


School is located in les Yvelines - 78  - West of Paris, France

Rentrée 2021

Pour la rentrée 2021, les inscriptions se déroulent à partir du 15 janvier 2020. Nous vous invitons à organiser une "vidéo-conférence" avec notre directrice.


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Inscriptions possibles toute l'année.

2021 Registrations

New pupil enrolment will be taking place from January 15th 2021 and throughout the school year.  Please arrange a video conference call with our school director today to find out more as places are limited.


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"N'élevons pas nos enfants pour le monde d'aujourd'hui, ce monde n'existera plus lorsqu'ils seront grands; préparons-les à celui de demain".

- Maria Montessori